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We arouse the

emotions of your target group

Our speciality is to arouse emotions in order to smooth the access to potential customers. Exciting stories, atmosphere or humor pick up and inspire people for your company. This is the only way to keep you in mind.

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We stand for

honest & direct communication

We communicate at eye level and stand by our word. This means that we advise you honestly and directly. It is always our concern to produce the right film for your marketing objective. For this purpose we provide our many years of experience.

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We market your

films for more reach

A film alone rarely attracts enough attention. Therefore, a well thought-out strategy is necessary for more reach. We therefore not only take care of the production, but also the marketing of your film on all channels.

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Video Productions at Top Prices in Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich & Co.

We are a creative film team from Leipzig with a wide range of offers in the field of film production and video production. We are particularly specialised in productions such as corporate films, product videos, explainer videos, commercials and much more. Due to our headquarters, our main business area is mainly Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Bavaria, Thuringia and Berlin / Brandenburg. But we also offer our service outside of these areas.

No distance is too far for your video production. Request now!

We are a highly motivated and young team, which has set itself the task of making no compromises in terms of quality and pretence. We offer you complete support, creative ideas, outstanding technology and last but not least fair prices.

Video Production & Film Production – More Information

The need for a professional film production and video production is steadily increasing.Many entrepreneurs recognise the power of the moving image as part of our digital age. Film and video make it easier to sell a product, to establish a brand and to represent a business.

The potential customer and consumer of today can no longer be persuaded only with the help of texts and photos. He can also be persuaded on the basis of incisive film and video productions. Our team is your perfect partner for the realisation of such a production. Our production spectrum knows no limits, so that we can meet any request. We would like to briefly introduce the most important productions of our company below.


The first impression counts. This is especially true for the commercial, because a commercial is a short and incisive film, in which a product or a brand is brought closer to the audience. Usually 60 seconds are not exceeded, in the cinema a commercial even often takes only 20 to 30 seconds. In this short time, the goal is not to tell as detailed as possible about the product or the brand, but to give the audience a concise yet informative overview. The commercial is intended to increase sales and strengthen confidence in the brand and the product.

Because of the short playing time and the difficult goal to inspire the customer, the commercial is also considered the supreme discipline of all marketing productions. There are no limits to the implementation and the audio-visual and dramaturgical means can be as fancy as the state of the art allows. Hence the commercial should be as creative as possible and therefore requires experienced marketing producers.

The development of a commercial is always similar and can roughly be divided into four phases. The concept initiates the production and consists of collecting ideas from the advertising agency. The ideas will then be presented to the customer and together we will discuss which idea is most suitable. The chosen idea is then implemented on a storyboard and briefing and pitch are worked out. Usually, 3 to 5 advertising film production companies submit their pitch proposals. The customer then selects a production company that fits his needs best.

After that the second phase, pre-production, begins. The steps are identical to a feature film production. A cast, the right location and team as well as technique are selected. However, all this happens in a much shorter time than during a feature film. In the third phase we will finally start to produce.
Due to the lower budget compared to a feature film, the shoot takes only a few days. Otherwise, as with other productions, it is supervised by the costumer and the advertising agency.

The last step in producing a commercial is called the post-production. In this step, the commercial will be finalised. After the approval of the costumer and the advertising agency, the commercial is completed. Now the spot will be sent as a tape or in digital form to TV stations or cinemas.

In addition to the conventional commercial, there are also a number of special short films that can pursue an advertising intent. A viral is a short video produced for the internet. In this case the customer insists that the video will spread by itself and the audience will refer it to others, because they like the product so much. During the advertising film, DRTV spots usually show an address or a telephone number. This is to ensure that the viewer purchases the product immediately. A social spot is not so much about advertising, instead it is about showing social grievances and to mobilise people to do something against it. Election spots are for classic election campaigns and are expected to win more voters for the candidate.

As you can see, a commercial can be a very complex and sometimes complicated film production. If you nevertheless want a high-quality commercial, we are the best contact for it. We have many years of TV and cinema experience and know exactly what is important. PICMENTION guarantees you a complete consultation and support and finds suitable actors and good music for you. So that your commercial stays with your customers!

Corporate Film

In a coporate film, a person, a company, a product or a brand is portrayed. In addition an advertising function is added. They are used to bring the named motives closer to the viewer and to allow him a partially look behind the scenes. In the end, with a positive feeling the viewer should be convinced of the person, the company, the product or the brand. The length of such a film or video production depends on the information content. In general, a corporate film should take between two and three minutes. Every additional minute can increase the risk that the viewer turns off and ends the video with a negative impression. A corporate film is usually produced scenically, that means with real-image recordings and extras or actors. The current trend, however, tends to include animations in the scenic material to create a modern look and to highlight certain information. An entirely animated corporate film is also possible, but not so common, because you cannot perceive the respective motives in real life. Our agency offers professional corporate films at the highest level. We place the greatest value on communicating you, your company, your product or your brand in the best possible way. We always use a lot of creativity to create an absolutely unique corporate film.

Explainer Video

An explainer video is an animated film or video production that describes a process or a product in a more detailed way. The focus can either be on the presentation or on the explanation of special functions. Usually an explainer video has a promotional character. The viewer should learn how easy it is to use the product or to understand the process. After the viewer recognized this it is easier for him to make a purchase decision. The average length of an explainer video is between one or three minutes. In the case of an explainer video it is also unnecessarily to protract the production to attract the viewer further more. An explainer video is realised with the help of animated graphics or stop motion. The graphics should help the viewer to understand the process or product easier. A professional and clear animation of these graphics is the finishing touch. Our creative team is more than happy to create an explainer video for you. We help you with the texting and take over the conception. After that we hire the graphic designer and the speaker you have chosen. Finally, we realise the animation of the graphics according to the agreed concept. Together with the sound, you will end up with an explainer video that matches 100% of your expectations.


A product video helps to describe and promote the functionality of an industrial product. The viewer should get a comprehensive impression of the benefits of this product, compared to competing products or the predecessor models. A product video can take 30 seconds to three minutes. If the video is longer it could cause the viewer to prematurely end it. Product videos are either scenic that means with real image recordings or created as an animation. Animations have the advantage of rendering the product in a perfect look or in impressive perspectives. Real-image recordings, on the other hand, are recommended if the viewer is to be convinced of the concrete application and functionality in reality. We have already been producing professional product videos for well-known costumers for many years. Our specialty is, in particular, to produce a large number of product videos at the highest level, in the shortest possible time or at fixed intervals. This is made possible by an in-house studio, including technical equipment, as well as our comprehensive know-how.

Documentary Film

The documentary is a very special kind of film. Its goal is not to take you into a magical fantasy world or make teenagers screech because of the appearance of a popular actor. As a non-fictional film the documentary wants to display real events as accurately as possible in order to show the viewer the reality of a person or a true event. Normally you do not have to hire and pay actors.
The exception here is merely recreating scenes that are thought to have been that way. But as we know - the expectation proves the rule. Even a detailed storyboard is not included in a documentary. The great art of this genre is to have a good feeling for people and actions. Despite improvisation it is important to capture the most meaningful images and connect them with each other.

Incidentally, the beginnings of the documentary film are as old as the film industry itself. In the 19th century the first moving images were used to represent events. This was mainly due to the lack of technical possibilities for larger recordings. By definition, the first films were therefore documentary films. Of course, today there is a wide range of genres available to viewers. Alone within the documentary as a genus one still distinguishes between a huge range of different types, which extend from the documentary soap to the documentary drama. While documentaries are almost limitless in their range of topics, there are still some tendencies that can be identified as favourite topics. They were developed in the post-World War II era. Natural and environmental documentaries as well as documentary films addressing political topics were particularly popular in this time.

Due to the abundance of documentary films there are also big differences in the length of these film productions. While a documentary for a TV or cinema production can have a duration between 60-90 minutes, something else is recommended for a documentary film for companies. If you want to make such a documentary in marketing, you should make sure that a duration of two to five minutes is not exceeded. Like this you can make sure that the film in its extent remains appropriate to the purpose.

When looking for the right partner for such a project it is important to understand how challenging the realisation of this particular genre is. It requires a great deal of experience to achieve a satisfactory result. The Picmention media production has an award-winning team which has the required experience. We already created successful TV and cinema broadcasts and documentary films for the Internet. With our team as a project partner at your side you are always well advised and in the end you can look forward with great certainty to a successful and professional result and look back on a smooth project process.

Aerial Photography

Since 2010 aerial photography is the big trend in the context of video productions and film productions. No matter if in an image film or a music video - aerial photos are indispensable in almost every high-class production. The technology required for this has become less expensive in recent years and so many video and film producers have recognized the added value of aerial photography. They have learned to use drones successfully. Our production also relies on this interesting technology in order to be able to offer customers the best technical service. We rely on our in-house equipment as well as on experienced partners within our network. Because of this we are able to realise any job regarding aerial photography. Of course, our pilots have the necessary flight licenses and insurance, so that the legal framework conditions are guaranteed.

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