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We are a full service film production company with over 30 people who not only implement, but
also think for you. You want to inspire your customers, engage them and win them over?

In a world full of advertising, creative ideas are in demand.

And that's exactly where we support you!
With attention to detail, we set the scene for the uniqueness of your brand. 


Because films offer the highest potential for your brand!

There are more platforms for film productions than for texts and pictures. Creative commercials reach more people than flyers. Authentic image films create more trust than a website. Intelligent explanatory videos ensure more understanding than manuals. And recruiting films attract more employees than ordinary job ads.

Use these potentials for your brand and with our know-how!

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RB Leipzig | Jersey 2021
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Stadt Köln
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SambaNuts | Wer wir sind?
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MRI | Breaking Barriers
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About the film
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Haufe Advolux | Danke 
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We produce nationwide ... And even further!


Our film agency awaits you with a wide range of services in the areas of film production and video production. Our main services are divided into concise commercials, authentic image films, comprehensible explanatory videos and convincing recruiting films. There are no limits to our concepts. That's why we always produce the right advertising film for your marketing - shot in real life or with the help of animation.

Our headquarters are in beautiful Leipzig, but our filming location is wherever you need us

More Information

1 | What is a commercial? 

A commercial (or advertising film) is a short, concise video production with a regular playing time of 10 to 60 seconds. This form of production is, so to speak, the "market shouter" among film productions. The main aim is to draw the attention of the target group to a product or brand. Conveying detailed information is of secondary importance. Our film agency regularly works with humor or drama to ensure that the video stays in the viewer's mind as much as possible. The emotional appeal supports the memorability of the video many times over. However, achieving this in a maximum of 60 seconds of playing time is not easy either. That's why the commercial is considered the supreme discipline among marketing videos. Its classic distribution is in cinema, TV and social media. 

2 | What is an image film?

In an image film, a company is primarily portrayed. The point of most of these projects is to give the viewer an authentic look behind the scenes. The style of these video productions has changed fundamentally in recent years. Whereas in the past you simply set up the camera and filmed machines and employees for hours on end, modern image films nowadays have to do much more. For example, they have to generate emotions, entertain the target group and tell a personal, individual story of the company. In order to achieve this as a film agency, we deal intensively with your company and try to convey much more the spirit and values instead of pure facts and figures. The playing time of such a video should not exceed 2:00 minutes as a rule, since the attention span of most viewers would otherwise decrease rapidly. In addition, shorter playing times are also better suited for use as social media content. 

3 | What is an explainer film?

As the name suggests, these are videos that explain a subject. Animated explanatory videos in comic style have experienced a real boom in recent years. Today, on the other hand, many viewers already feel saturated by them. But these videos still have a huge advantage today: they can be used to explain business models, ideas and processes that are hardly visible in reality. Explainer videos therefore still have their raison d'être. However, it is important not to always use the same graphic style or narrative. An individually produced and visually unique explainer video that entertains the viewer with a bit of humor has great potential in any marketing strategy.

4 | What is a recruiting film?

Finding suitable employees has become a major problem for many companies. Younger generations in particular want more than just good pay. Above all, they want the working atmosphere to be right. In order to convey an authentic picture of a company environment, the medium of film is needed. More precisely, the recruiting film. Like an image film, recruiting films should provide an authentic look behind the scenes, whereby the focus is on the workforce and the work itself. In recent years, creating an authentic and humorous image of a company has proven to be particularly successful in attracting employees.

5 | What does a film production cost?

Each customer and each production are unique. And so it is with the price. Without a rough concept, it's impossible to give a serious price if you expect more than just a video according to schema-F for your project. Just contact us. For your production we offer you individual concept ideas with the corresponding offers completely without obligation.

6 | How long is the production time?

This question can also not be answered in a general way, because each production takes its own time. In general, however, it can be said that most video productions are completed within 8 to 12 weeks from the time the order is placed.

7 | What is the project process like?

First, contact us with your ideas and wishes. Our film agency offers you individual concept solutions without obligation. After placing the order, we take over the entire planning and detailed elaboration of the project, of course in close consultation with you. This is followed by the shooting days and then the post-production of the video. In editing, as well as in animation, special effects and sound design, you always have a transparent right of submission and codetermination. In the last step, you receive your film in the format of your choice. 

8 | Who will do the switching in web, cinema and TV?

If you wish, we can take over the placement of your film production on online channels (website, social media) or in cinema & TV. In most cases, our partners also offer you more favorable conditions than if you had to take care of it yourself. Just contact us, we will be happy to advise you on this.

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Roman RögnerCEO & DirectorCOOPERATION
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Florian ArndtExecutive Producer & DirectorMOVING IMAGE STRATEGY
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Katja SeifertProduction ManagerGENERAL REQUESTS
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Matthias WeinerCTO & VFX SupervisorSPECIAL EFFECTS