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SambaNuts | Wer wir sind?

Director Roman Rögner Texting Stephan Kämpf Graphics Björn Renner Head of Animation Klaudia Fischer, Matthias Weiner Sound Design Julian Bella, Sebastian Gabriel


Content: A commercial for social media and the web

Timeframe: The production took place between March and June 2019

Why: SambaNuts was a fairly new and therefore also unknown brand that urgently needed more attention. For this reason, it was decided to produce a commercial that was to be distributed primarily on social networks. We were convinced that an unusually gloomy visual language and a lot of humor would give the viewer a taste for the brand. And that also convinced our client.

But unfortunately, the company had to shut down again during the production period. Nevertheless, we have finished the film and are very happy to share it with you :) 

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