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In an image film (or also called corporate video or corporate film), a company or brand is portrayed. It is mainly about giving the target group a look behind the scenes. And it's also about communicating certain values and a  corporate philosophy to potential or existing customers. Today, modern image films must do more than simply state facts. A contemporary image film production is also about arousing emotions, telling an exciting story and
entertaining the target group. This is the only way to ensure that important information about your company remains in the minds of your customers. Furthermore, a playing time of up to 2:00 minutes is considered ideal. Since we are
all overloaded with videos almost daily via various social media platforms, our attention span decreases at the same time. Videos and films that are too long are therefore often switched off prematurely. In order to maintain
this attention, we as a film agency are committed to getting to know your company intensively in order to present it in a professional and exciting way. 


You should regularly update your image film with the latest content and technology. After all, it reflects the current state of your company and thus represents an important part of your corporate identity. Therefore, a good time for
such a film production is when your company has been significantly restructured or expanded, for example. Or if you want to completely reorganize your marketing and communicate yourself to the outside world in a new way. A
common reason is also when there is an anniversary to celebrate. Or if your company has just been founded. And why do you need an image film at all? Because studies show that 95% of all consumers remember facts about a
company better when they see them in a video. Only 10% remember texts better. And: 71% of all website visitors spend more time on the homepage if an image film is included. 


As individual as your company is, so is your image film. Without a detailed concept, it is therefore impossible for us to quote a serious price in advance. It is important to us that your image film production is individual and unique.
Unfortunately, as a film agency, we do not offer fixed prices. The playing time is not even the decisive criterion, but the effort of the production itself. So if you are planning such a project, just contact us. We offer you individual ideas and concepts with the corresponding individual offers completely without obligation. 

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Producing an image film is usually not enough to get your company noticed by your target group. Only very few videos go viral by themselves. Almost as important as the professional production of your image film itself is the professional distribution of the video. Be it, for example, on a landing page, on social media platforms such as YouTube, or even as a
short version in the local cinema. As an agency, we therefore offer every company more than the mere production of videos. We also advise you on where and how you can best use and distribute your image film. Including the booking of broadcasting slots in the local cinema. 

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Creative concept

Based on a previous definition of your goals and target groups, we design up to three creative concepts for your image film production in the first step. It is important to us as an agency to present your company or brand with emotions and an interesting story. In a joint meeting, we present these ideas and advise you in detail about a possible production. You are then free to choose which concept best suits your target group (or customers). This phase is non-binding and free of charge for you. 

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Final concept 

Your film will now be conceptualized in detail in terms of story, text, camera, animation, music, image design and style. For image films, we usually create a written script. If desired, our graphic designers can also produce a detailed storyboard as the basis for the film production. 

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In pre-production, the organization and detailed planning of your image film production takes place. We research suitable studios and locations, as well as suitable actors and actresses (often these can also be your own employees), create props, costumes and commission external service providers within the agreed budget. In regular pre-production meetings (PPM), we make the results of our work transparently available to you for approval. 

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In the fourth phase of our film production, the actual shooting takes place and the concept is put into practice. Here we usually work with our permanent film team to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of time and cost. 

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After the shoot is completed, the image film is digitally edited according to the script or storyboard. Editing, color grading, animation, special effects, music and sound design are also realized in-house by our permanent team for your production. 

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The finished video is delivered in the format of your choice. Be it for publication on your own website, in social media channels (e.g. YouTube) or in the (local) cinema. For the latter, we as an agency are also happy to take over the organization of airtime, as well as the concrete circuit.

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