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Our Story
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At the age of 11, Roman spent five days filming alongside Matthias Schweighöfer and Caroline Herfurth in the TV comedy "Kiss Me Frog" by Dagmar Hirtz. When this experience was over, Roman cried a lot. But his passion for film and television was awakened from then on.  

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Matthias gets his own camera at the same time to film himself and his parents on vacation. But he much preferred shooting short action clips with explosions and lightsabers. 

10 years passed  
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Matthias and Roman found the company "Picmention", driven by their common passion to produce films. Matthias is also training to become an IT specialist in Dresden. Roman studies law in Leipzig. 

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The first 50 euros bubbled into the joint coffers, thanks to music videos for gangster rappers from the region. Many more should follow. Propz go out to the Area 5 Crew

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Teure Drehorte können wir uns meistens noch nicht leisten. Also bauen wir ein eigenes Greenscreen-Studio auf, um unseren Auftraggebern jeden denkbaren Hintergrund zu ermöglichen.

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Mit „Nachtleben“ von Tokabeatz läuft eines unserer Musikvideos
zum ersten Mal im Fernsehen, genauer gesagt auf MTV.

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With Cyberport GmbH, we win our first major client, who still works with us today. For the first videos produced, we get new PC technology to work even more efficiently.

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Matthias and Roman set up a shared flat in Leipzig, including an office. That means: from bed to workplace in under 20 seconds

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To date, 78% of our customers have realized at least one more film project with us after the first one. You can treat yourself to your first company car. 

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Lukas is our first intern, later our first permanent colleague and today one of our cameramen. This year, for the first time, we are also producing more image and advertising films than music videos.

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Together with Sons Of Motion Pictures GmbH
we produce the first TV commercial for
Saxoprint GmbH. The commercial
subsequently ran for half a year on NTV.
Shortly after, another joint TV production for the
ZDF format "Schloss Einstein" followed. 

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Our first foreign assignment takes place in Sweden. A short time later, we are drawn to Sochi in Russia and to California.  

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Our first burglar. He is still at large today. 

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We afford our own RED Cinema camera as well as other extensive technical equipment to offer our clients even more quality. 

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Emotional stories and commercials simply belong together. We also always offer our clients an emotional concept to promote the product or brand in the best possible way. At the Stevie Awards, we receive our first marketing award for this in Hamburg. 

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Most of the orders have been coming not only from Saxony for a while now, but from all over Germany. But receiving the first order from a DAX company was something special. 

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From the beginning, our business model has been based on permanent filmmakers from all areas of film production. From directing to animation. From planning to sound design. Our team has therefore grown to 20 permanent colleagues

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Katja flies to France to pick up our first international film award with the Cannes Dolphins.

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And suddenly we are 30 filmmakers, including two trainees! 

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DThe large team needs space, so we are expanding our office, including studio, to 460 m². One or the other wall has to be torn down for this.

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Corona does not stop us ;) 

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We now also offer our services underwater. 

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Roman RögnerCEO & DirectorCOOPERATION
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Florian ArndtExecutive Producer & DirectorMOVING PICTURE STRATEGY
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Katja SeifertProduction ManagerGENERAL REQUESTS
matthias - matthias.png
Matthias WeinerCTO & VFX SupervisorSPECIAL EFFECTS