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film production
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Our film family combines the best skills from two worlds: The craft of a classic film
production with the strategic marketing planning of an advertising agency. When you work with us, we don't just focus on the production of your advertising film alone, but have your entire corporate communication in mind. With our years of experience, we therefore advise you not only on which film concept best suits your company or product.
We also advise you on how to use and distribute this film in the long term as a crossmedia campaign in order to gain the maximum potential from the project. Because a film alone is no longer enough to attract attention. You
need to think bigger and more strategically - and we'll help you do that.

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There are very few film productions like ours that can boast a 30-person permanent film crew including technology. Our film family consists not only of project managers, but also of experienced filmmakers from all conceivable
departments: Directors, cinematographers, graphic designers, animators and sound designers. All under one roof.

Most of our competitors usually work with freelancers and book time for the respective projects. This way of working is established, but comparatively ineffective and inflexible. Thetime of freelancers costs more and can only be
called upon when they really have time. Our permanent team, on the other hand, always ensures consistent quality, can be flexibly deployed during a production and achieves more for the same budget.

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Our business model is designed for a long-term partnership with you. We are able to implement any film project you want - whether it's shot for real or animated. So in the future, you'll only need one contact when it comes to moving
image marketing. Namely us.