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film production
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Before we simply produce a film for you, we first take a look at your company, your brand and your products. We want to find out how you are already positioned in the market, who your competitors are and how you stand out from them. The latter is the most important point. Only if we as filmmakers understand how you stand out from your competitors, we can design the right film production for you. 

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Who do you want to address? What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to be seen? These and many other questions must be clarified in order to define your goals. Because it is the goals alone that ultimately determine the concept, type and scope of a film production. 

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Now that we have all the necessary information together, comes the most exciting part of the job. On the one hand, we develop suitable film concepts for you, but on the other hand, we also advise you strategically on how best to use your film. 

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The next step is the classic production of your film. We rely on detailed and transparent planning, with all milestones being discussed and agreed with you in the pre-production meetings (PPM). In this way, you have full control over the project until completion

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Based on our pre-developed strategy, we support you in the placement and distribution of your film. This means that we define the appropriate channels for you and also set them up if you wish - from YouTube, to LinkedIn, to Cinema & TV.