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Haufe Advolux | Danke 

Director Roman Rögner DOP Lukas Fritzsch 1. AC Willy Zisler Animation Matthias Weiner Graphics Björn Renner  Edit & Grading Roman Rögner Sound Design Julian Bella Production Management Emma Schlingmann 


Content: Produced an image film for the lawyer software Advolux from Haufe

Timeframe: The production period extended from March to Agust 2021

Why: The goal was to put Haufe's Advolux software into a human, approachable and somewhat more emotional context. It was obvious to show the software in a stylized way at the points where it is used in reality and where it unfolds its strengths. In addition to portraying three different professional areas of jurisprudence and the administration of justice, we also wanted to showcase the digital aspect of the software. The result is a film that plays with both authentic and abstract images, visualizing the benefits and scope of the software.

On the linguistic level, it was important for us not to overload the product with facts, but to take an emotional approach to communication.