paul horn - paul-horn.jpg

Paul Horn | The Tool

Director Roman Rögner DOP Lukas Fritzsch Gaffer Willy Zisler Edit & Grading Roman Rögner Music Sebastian Gabriel Sound Design Julian Bella
Production Management Jennifer Rehburg


Content: This is an image film focusing on the manufacturing chain of the products

Timeframe: We were awarded the contract for this project in March 2019 – completion in June of the same year

Why: The last image film of Paul Horn is already in the years and so the management decided for a new edition. The company's core products are high-performance tools that can cut, grind and mill any conceivable metal with the highest precision. 

We wanted to translate this extremely high degree of perfection and precision into an equally precise and aesthetically sophisticated visual language. And so an image film was created which, although it takes a classic narrative form, does great visual justice to the core product.