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Video Production & Film Production in Saarland (Saarbrücken, Neunkirchen, Homburg & Co.)

You want high-quality films and videos of your products and your company? We, the team of PICMENTION, will help you. As a young, motivated team from Saxony we take care of your individual order in a unique way. Whether it is corporate films, product videos, explainer Videos or music videos, we fulfil your wishes with creativity. We always try out new ways so that we can capture your company in the best possible way.

Even though our head office is in Leipzig we are travelling all over Germany for our customers. We are happy to come to Saarbücken, Neunkirchen, Homburg or any other city in the Saarland. We can meet you at your office to discuss your wishes and ideas. Customer-oriented contact is our top priority.

We have more to offer than just creativity. PICMENTION impresses with its know-how and qualified work methods. In addition, our team has a modern technical equipment that leaves nothing left desired. Like this we can bring your ideas to life and support you in the long term in your film projects. We also help you to achieve a lasting good image of your company.

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Corporate Film

The corporate film serves the company as a figurehead and communicates which goals and which corporate philosophy the company pursues. The customer should get a positive insight into the company and, for example, be able to look behind the scenes with a virtual tour. Like this, a bond between the viewer and the customer can be created which can have a long-term impact on the company. The length of the film depends on the desired information content, but should not exceed three minutes.

We from PICMENTION make sure that your corporate film is of the highest quality. We are looking for suitable actors and creating high-quality animations to give your corporate film a lively and meaningful character. We always pay attention to your wishes and try to involve them in the film production.

Explainer Video

An explainer video will introduce the customer to difficult situations or approaches of your company or one of your products. The basic facts are explained in a maximum of three minutes through the use of auditory and visual effects. With the help of animations and graphics, which are purposefully used, the customer can easier understand functions and processes.

Our team from PICMENTION works together with professional graphic artists. That way we can guarantee that the animations and renderings appear in a high quality in your video. In addition, we are looking for the right speakers and musical accompaniment for you. Like this we create an appealing explainer video in close cooperation with you and your company.

Product Video

The product video enables a company to present its products in a meaningful and attractive way for the customer. In the video advantages of the product as well as the distinction to competing products or previous models can be made clear. Clear depictions and fascinating insights can be successfully created with the variety of animations and real-image recordings.

We, from PICMENTION help you to professionally stage your products. With the help of sufficient know-how and an in-house studio, we create exciting product films for you. We make sure that the production time of the video is kept as short as possible. Like this you have the opportunity to order several videos from us.

Aerial Photography

More and more companies rely on a diverse change of perspective in their film productions. The latest trend is towards aerial photography. Like this, the company is shown from a bird’s eye view. Our team is also following the trend and we have equipped ourselves for these kind of shots.

PICMENTION can take aerial photographs for your company. With trained pilots and all the necessary insurance, we can transform your ideas into action. For a fascinating look at your company.

The time for press and print advertising is over. Who wants to leave an impression today, has to rely on film and video advertising. This will impress customers and keep the business in mind.

At PICMENTION we help your company, your brand or even you as a private person to make a lasting impression. With competence and expertise our team fulfils your orders precisely and individually and let your company shine in a great light. Our offer is varied, as you can see from the following topics.

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