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Who we are

We are a young team consisting of highly motivated and creative video and film producers from Leipzig. Our range of offers includes primarily the production lines: corporate film, product video, explainer video and music video. In addition, we also offer aerial photography.

Saxony and Bavaria

Although our head office is in Saxony, we also realise many projects in Bavaria. In particular, for the production of an animated explainer video we usually just require a telephone contact. Of course, we also meet you at your place to produce a corporate film or other productions.

What sets us apart

The mission of the PICMENTION media production is to realise every project with a high degree of care and professionalism. Last but not least, we accompany and advise you in every single production step. Quality, fairness and reliability are our strengths.

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Corporate Film

A corporate film is the perfect way to adequately present a product, brand, person or company. The focus is in a corporate film on the meaningful portrayal of the mentioned motives. At the same time, the advertising aspect is not neglected. The viewer receives important information and incidentally has the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. The goal of a corporate film is to give the viewer a positive sense of the brand, the product, the person or the company.

The length of this film production depends on how much information is to be implemented. A corporate film should last between two and three minutes. If you still want longer films, you have the risk that the viewer will switch off soon after the start of the video and will remember the video with a negative impression. Corporate films are mostly produced scenically. This is done with real-image recordings and actors or extras. According to recent trends, animations are also used, which flow seamlessly into the scenic material. With this method, a modern look can be created. Certain information is impressively highlighted.

An image video based only on animation can also be produced. It should be noted, however, that the individual motives cannot be perceived in real terms. In any case, a corporate film will only have its full effect if it has been shot professionally and at the highest level. The PICMENTION media production stands for high quality standards. With our competence and creativity, we will achieve that your company, your product or your brand reaches the viewer in the best way possible.

Explainer Video

Anyone who wants to have their product or specific processes described in more detail, has found the right means of communication in an explainer video. An explainer video only uses animations. In this way, both general processes as well as specific functions of a product or service can be clearly explained. The viewer is supposed to be enabled to use a product or to understand processes. If the viewer understands the benefit of the product, the purchase decision will be easier for him.

That is why an explainer video also has an advertising touch. An explainer video is always particularly successful if it has a length of 60 seconds to three minutes. If the video is longer than three minutes it can have a counterproductive effect. Animated graphics or stop motion are the best ingredients for an explainer video. The graphical representation simplifies the presentation of the thematic process or the selected product.

The PICMENTION media production creates an explainer video with professional competence. We help you with the entire conception, the animation of the graphics and the texting. We hire qualified graphic designers and the speaker of your choice. The combination of sound and animated graphics will finally make an explainer video possible that fully meets your expectations.

Product Video

In a product video, an industrial product plays the main role. The product video describes the function of a product. At the same time, the viewer receives a positive overall impression. The consumer learns all about the advantages of the product compared to the offers of the competition or to previous models. The product video normally takes 30 seconds to three minutes. The rule “less is more” applies here as well. A video longer than three minutes can quickly scare off viewers.

The product video can be realised scenically or with real-image recordings. Also conceivable is the realisation as an animation. In this variant, the product appears in a flawless appearance. Impressive changes of perspective are possible. On the other hand, recordings as real images are appropriate if the viewer is to be convinced of the concrete application of the product. PICMENTION media production has already been working for known customers for years. We are happy to pass our rich experience on to you. In our in-house studios, we produce product videos at the highest level with the appropriate technical equipment. Due to our know-how we can do this in the shortest possible time.

Aerial Photography

What was almost unaffordable in a film production in earlier times can today be realised with the help of drones. Aerial photography became a hardly indispensable part in the production of high-quality videos. Since the added value of aerial imagery has been recognised in image films or music videos, the trend in film production is also towards the use of aerial photography.

The PICMENTION media production follows this development and offers you the best technical service for your video production. Our in-house equipment complements our experienced partners in the field of aerial photography perfectly. Of course, our pilots are in possession of the necessary flight licenses. We are also covered by insurance policies, so that your video production from the air is free from legal obstacles.

Film and video production, no matter in which format, have become a permanent part of our everyday life. At the same time, cinematographic works no longer only meet us on television or in cinema, but also at any time on the internet. Platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo are showing with their increase in traffic and membership a steadily increasing demand. Companies and freelancers have also recognised the advantages of video and film productions.

Therefore the demand in the economy is also increasing unimpeded. Every customer wants to bring one’s own company, a product, an individual or a work process closer to a target group and all of this with the help of a moving image. PICMENTION media production is your committed partner, if you want to realise a video or film production. Below we explain our main services.

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