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Who we are

We are a young and highly motivated film team from Saxony, with the headquarters in Leipzig. For our customers we realise every desired film project. Whether corporate films, product videos, explainer videos or music videos. We turn every job into action. In addition, our scope of services includes aerial photography using a copter or drone. We are the right contact for every film production.

Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt

Travelling from Leipzig to Saxony-Anhalt is not a long journey. The emerging Halle is only a stone’s throw away and so we have so far been able to realise many interesting projects in this city. But we are also willing to drive to Magdeburg or other interesting places in Saxony-Anhalt. Wherever you are – no way is too far for us.

What distinguishes us?

We offer professionalism, creativity and a complete technical equipment, which leaves nothing to be desired. From the copter to the 4K camera with Super Slow Motion function. It is our priority to be a sustainable partner for you and to be always by your side to support you with our know-how. For us, the partnership does not end after the project, it continues.

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Corporate Film

Anyone who wants to effectively present a product, a brand or a company, the corporate film is the perfect medium. In its entirety, a good corporate film unites portrait and advertising in perfection. The viewer is provided with all the important information and can look behind the scenes. This gives the viewer a positive feeling towards the brand, the product or the company.

The ideal length of a corporate film ranges between two and three minutes. When the film production becomes overloaded with information and gets longer, the viewer quickly loses interest and ends the video. A corporate film is preferably implemented scenic: actors or extras are used as well as real-image recordings. But that does not exclude that even animations can be integrated. Animations give every corporate film a modern look.

Important information can be underlined significantly. Of course, an image video can also be produced by only using animations. In this case however, individual motives cannot be perceived real. In the end, the professional approach determines success. You are guaranteed to find professional thinking and action with the PICMENTION media production. The triad of experience, competence and creativity leads to results that will definitely convince you.

Explainer Video

Anyone who wants to explain the function of a product with words usually ends up in a dead end of misunderstanding. An explainer video visualises the important facts. Even difficult facts can be presented in an understandable and comprehensible manner. This applies to functions of products as well as to certain processes. The viewer understands the advantages of the product and feels understood, which in turn brings him closer to the presented product. An explainer video video builds a positive relationship between the company and its customers.

A reasonable explainer video has a length of 60 seconds to three minutes. If the video is longer it could have negative effects. An explainer video uses stop motion or graphics. The graphic representation is an adequate form to convey the content comprehensibly. In addition to the clear animation of the graphics, the PICMENTION media production takes over the texting and conceptual design. We work with creative graphic designers and hire the speakers you've chosen before. The result is an explainer video that merges sound and animated graphics into a complete package that will inspire you.

Product Video

The perfect stage for industrial products is the product video. As the name implies, a product video highlights the features and capabilities of a product. The viewer can get an idea of ​​the benefits of the product. He learns the advantages from the offers of the competition and how the new product has improved compared to previous models. Sufficient for a product video is a length of 30 seconds to a maximum of three minutes. In this case a longer playing time would be rather counterproductive. Animation or scenic realisation can be used for producing a product video.

With animations, the product shines without blemish. Additional effects can be created by impressive scene changes. Anyone who wants to convince the customer of the real use of the product, however, should choose real-image recordings. With the PICMENTION media production you make an absolutely perfect choice. For years, we have been commissioned by well-known customers in this area and provide our expertise and experience in our in-house studios.

Aerial Photography

Recordings from the air? Since a few years, they are almost taken for granted in every kind of film production. Every high-quality video production usually uses aerial photography. Like this every film production becomes more valuable. Aerial photography has become affordable since the introduction of state-of-the-art drone technology. PICMENTION media production can also upgrade its video production with aerial photography. We provide the best technical service for your film production. We also work with partners who are very experienced in the aerial photography category and make sure that the pilots are in possession of the prescribed flight license. The insurance cover is also comprehensively guaranteed. We are looking forward to you contacting us!

Professional film productions and video productions are becoming increasingly popular. And that for a good reason. Both companies and individuals have long recognised the benefits of moving images. In the digital age, those who want to better sell their product, establish a brand on the market or optimally present their company benefit from the many possibilities offered by cinematic production. The spoken or written word is no longer sufficient if new consumers are to be won and potential customers addressed. A striking corporate film, an explainer video or a product video are hard to beat in their informative value.

The PICMENTION media production is the perfect partner when it comes to the realisation of a film production. The range of our offer varies widely, so that we will surely meet your special request. Below you can get an overview of our most important productions.

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