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Video Production & Film Production in Hamburg

You want to present your company or its products with attractive films and videos? With us from PICMENTION you have found the right partner. We are a bright young team that takes care of the wishes and ideas of our customers. With care we make every video production into something special. Whether corporate films, product videos, explainer videos or music videos, we take on the job.

Although our head office is in Leipzig, we still serve customers all over Germany. We are not afraid to take a trip to Hamburg to support you and your company in your film projects. No journey is too far.

We are not only characterised by limitless creativity, we also have the necessary know-how and professionalism. With this and a modern technical equipment, we create videos and films according to your wishes. We always pay attention to a high quality of our work, because customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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Corporate Film

With a corporate film, a company becomes a name and can present itself in an appealing way. The customers thus get an impression of which goals the company pursues and for what it stands. The aim of a corporate film is to inspire the customer and to convince him from the company. With the use of, for example, virtual tours, the customer is becoming the feeling that he is able to look behind the scenes.

The team of PICMENTION has set itself the goal to present your company, your brand or even you as an individual the best way and to give the customer a positive feeling. We always make sure that the corporate film is of the highest quality and that the right actors are selected. This will result in an authentic and above all convincing corporate film.

Explainer Video

A video explaining a complex context or a difficult situation is supposed to help the recipient to understand a product or a process more easily. Especially in companies, there are sometimes very complex processes that are difficult for the customer to access. An explainer video, supplemented with suitable graphics and animations, promotes the customer's understanding.

PICMENTION therefore values ​​close cooperation with specialised and trained graphic artists who can create tailor-made animations and graphics for you. In addition, we select the right speakers and background music to make the video as authentic and engaging as possible.

Product Video

The purpose of the product video is to explain a product of a company to the customer in its functions and features in such a way that the advantages become clear. Thus, the product is clearly differentiated from competing models and predecessor models and therefore interesting for the customer. In a maximum of three minutes, animations and real-image recordings alternate so that an interesting product video is created in the end.

With PICMENTION your company is able to order several of these product videos. We have enough experience and with our in-house studio it is possible to produce the videos in no time. By working closely with you, we make sure you get exactly the video you want.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is still fascinating. If you really want to impress your customers, you can spend a bit more money and create amazing bird’s-eye views of your company. For this reason, we at PICMENTION have also acquired the necessary technology and the technical understanding to be able to offer this service to our customers.

We make sure that we only work with pilots who have sufficient experience and are licensed. Of course, our team also has all the major insurance. As you can see nothing stands in the way of exciting aerial photographs of your company. To be able to fulfil your wishes we always give our best.

Moving pictures offer many advantages. Not only that the advertising can be processed much more appealing, what is seen is also processed by the recipient much better and stays in the head for a longer time. That is why more and more companies are focusing on advertising videos or films. The PICMENTION team is specialised in film productions of all kinds.

With the right equipment we can respond to every customer request. Our wide range of productions offers the right solution for everyone. An overview of the main topics can be found below.

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