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Who we are

We are a young, creative and open-minded film team from Saxony. Our range of possible productions ranges from corporate film, explainer video to product video. But also aerial photographs or special film productions and video productions, which cannot be summarised in a category, belong to our range of offers. For every conceivable project, we are the right partner.

Saxony and Berlin / Brandenburg

Although our head office is in Saxony, it is only a stone’s throw from Leipzig to our neighbouring states, Brandenburg and Berlin. So far, we have been able to realise many projects, especially in our capital, and look forward to every further production in this multi-faceted metropolis. Do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to come and visit you in your company.

What sets us apart

Each individual project is implemented by us in the highest quality and sensitive fine tuning. We accompany you in every single step, from the idea to the implementation. What also distinguishes us is a wide range of technical equipment from well-known manufacturers. No matter if drone, crane or 4K-Cinema-Cam with Super-Slowmotion, we will shoot for your project everything the current state of film technology has to offer.

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Corporate Film

For a product, a brand or a company, a good image is unquestionable of existential importance. The corporate film is perfect for placing a brand and a product as well as a company or a single person in the right light. Advertising and portrait combine into one product – that is a corporate film. When it comes to corporate films, two birds are killed with one stone, so to speak. The viewer receives all relevant information about the product, the brand or the company. He feels involved and thereby develops a benevolence. It only takes two to three minutes for a corporate film to create this pleasant feeling.

Every additional minute would be a superfluous overload and could lead to the disinterest of the target audience. In the scenic implementation of the content actor or extras are used in corporate films. The real-image recordings can also be mixed with animations. This can give the corporate film an even more modern look. If the entire movie is made with animations, it may happen that the real perception suffers. The PICMENTION media production knows how to find the right solution for you. With our experience and creative competence, we present results that satisfy you to 100 percent.

Explainer Video

“Language is the source of misunderstandings.” If you do not want to be misunderstood, you can use an explainer video with moving pictures to express difficult facts comprehensibly. It does not matter if the function of a product or a complicated process is explained. The viewer understands the important facts through the explainer video in a visual way. It also creates a relationship to the shown product. Furthermore the explainer video establishes a positive connection to the customer.

However, this only succeeds if a time span of 30 seconds to three minutes is not exceeded. Every additional minute can lead the audience to switch off. Stop motion or graphics are the essential ingredients to make a good explainer video. With the graphical representation it is optimally possible to clearly explain the content. PICMENTION media production takes over the creation of animation that immediately gives the viewer a clear view, the texting of attractive texts and the generation of the conceptual design. We work together with selected graphic artists and hire the speakers you have chosen. On this basis you will receive an explainer video that fully meets your expectations.

Product Video

If an industrial product has to reach its target audience, a product video is the obvious medium. It allows the viewer to understand the product in its entirety and form its opinion. A product video highlights the benefits of the advertised product. It compares the product to similar offers from the competition and points to improvements of its predecessor. The playing time ranges from 30 seconds to three minutes.

A product video with a longer playing time would not achieve the desired effect. Who wants to present his product absolutely flawless, has to use animations. Elegant scene changes can create additional effects. If the focus is more on the representation of the real view and application of the product, then it is advisable to work with real-image recordings. Both versions are implemented by PICMENTION media production to your fullest satisfaction. Well-known customers have been appreciating our competence for many years. We are happy to produce your film projects in our in-house studios.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photographs are an amazing new feature. Therefore, it is not surprising that images from the air are often used for film production. What was almost unaffordable in earlier times is quite affordable today and can also be used in video productions. State-of-the-art drone technology makes it possible to use high quality aerial photography for your projects. PICMENTION media production has adopted this technique and can offer you aerial photos for your high-quality film production or video production. For your video production the best possible technical service is always ready to use.

It is important to use to work exclusively with partners who are experienced and reliable in the field of aerial photography. Of course, we make sure that the pilots are in possession of the legally required flight license. In order to clarify the legal framework, we also have all the necessary insurance. On this basis we offer aerial photographs that will impress you. We are looking forward to working with you.

Moving pictures are worth a thousand words. This knowledge has already been adopted by many companies and individual personalities. Anyone who wants to establish a brand or his company among consumers is with a film production or video production on the road to success. In contrast to the spoken or written word, moving pictures arouse emotions. This is particularly important for customer care and the acquisition of new customers.

If you want everything to work perfectly – from the idea to the professional implementation – you need a strong partner. PICMENTION media production supports you with experience and competence in all stages of the film-and video production. Flexibility is one of our strengths. Here you get more information.

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