The Post-Production

In order to be able to deliver excellent quality we only use high-performance software from industry leaders in post-production. Our tools are Adobe Creative Suite, Andersson Technologies or ABSoft. In addition to the confident handling of the tools, we also master program-internal scripting languages to realise complex and automated projects. Not only does this give us the variety of new, custom, and unique effects for your project, it also enables us to handle object replacement, green screen keying, and motion tracking with confidence. Years of experience additionally ensure consistently high quality over the entire production period. To ensure that your deadlines can be met at all times, an in-house render farm with more than 800 GHz computing power provides the necessary performance. Like this we can create flexibility and room for more creativity without loss of quality, especially in pure animation videos.

Technology on the set

For an excellent image quality, we rely on our in-house technology of well-known manufacturers, for example, the new RED Epic-W Helium 8K which is available for scenic productions, and is also used for top productions in Hollywood. For documentary projects, we rely on the proven Sony FS5 4K Cinema Cam.
Depending on the project, our cameras can be mounted on motorised and programmable camera crane or slider systems to create impressive perspectives or camera shots. For rougher terrains we use Steadycam systems. The right light is provided by a comprehensive range of lamps from ARRI, Kino Flo and Astra Light. We capture the right sound with a Sennheiser sound equipment. Because of our long-standing partnerships, we are also able to realise larger sets in a studio environment or even in front of a green screen. We complete the equipment with our new DJI Inspire 2 drone for 4k aerial photography.

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