rb leipzig - rb-leipzig.jpg

RB Leipzig | Hungry For More

Director Roman Rögner DOP Lukas Fritzsch, Javier Sobremazas 1. AC Valentin Kühn, Willy Zisler Edit & Grading Susanne Masuch, Roman Rögner Graphics Björn Renner Sound Design Sebastian Gabriel, Julian Bella Production Management Bente Ehrig



Content: We produced the RB Leipzig image film for the year 2020 en.

Timeframe: The implementation took place between May and June 2020 

Why: Just like any other soccer club, the RB Leipzig squad and coaching staff changes with each season. For this reason, every year there is a current image film for the respective

This project is the image film for the year 2020. The object of the assignment was to bring the spirit of the club together with iconic players and archive material into an overall entertaining work.