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We communicate at eye level and stand by our word. This means that we advise you honestly and directly. It is always our concern to produce the right film for your marketing objective. For this purpose we provide our many years of experience.

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A film alone rarely attracts enough attention. Therefore, a well thought-out strategy is necessary for more reach. We therefore not only take care of the production, but also the marketing of your film on all channels.

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Convincing Recruitment Videos (Recruiting Films) – Production & Costs

The shortage of skilled workers poses a particular challenge for companies: Qualified employees are hard to come by, and young people also have a huge selection of training and companies to choose from. In order to attract attention, it is therefore necessary to choose new and creative ways to recruit employees. So a recruiting video company can be of great help in finding qualified applicants and give potential applicants an initial insight into the operation.

What is Meant by a Recruitment Video?

A recruitment film is usually a short film that aims to introduce and promote the company or a job offer to potential applicants. It is therefore a kind of advertising film promoting the company as an employer. The recruiting video should present the company and the offered job in a short, vivid and above all authentic way. On the one hand, prospects get an insight into the professional field and on the other hand, they learn more about the company. It is important to make certain demands in the video. Because if the clip does not leave a good impression on the target group, it can even harm the company. A successful recruiting video is therefore:

  • authentic
  • of high quality
  • interesting
  • informative

Even with the information that such a short film can convey, there are some rules you should stick to. Thus, a recruitment video can hardly convey hard factors, but it can convey soft factors. The so-called hard factors are measurable points, such as working hours, annual turnover, salary, etc. They can be listed without problems in a job posting, because numbers and facts are best clearly stated. It is different with the soft factors. They are connected to emotions and therefore not measurable. The work-life balance, the working atmosphere, the motivation or the mood are examples of soft factors that can be optimally represented in a recruiting film. Because this is not about facts, but about emotions which should be conveyed.

Communicate Information Creatively

In order to capture the atmosphere in a company, to experience the motivation of the employees and to feel the group dynamics in the team, videos are almost inevitable. Because these aspects cannot be credibly conveyed by simply claiming in a job advertisement. Therefore, a recruiting film should address these factors and bring them closer to the target audience. Not only does the prospective applicant get an insight into the working atmosphere, he also finds out whether he fits in with the company and whether he can identify with it. Therefore the film should be as authentic and professional as possible. A shaky camera filming a nervous trainee while talking about the workplace may be authentic, but looks amateurish. But even the opposite, for example, an exaggerated film with only laughing people in highly polished pictures, may miss the target. Depending on how the company wants to present itself, there are different possibilities of implementation. If the operation is to be presented as modern and flexible, it is recommended, for example, to let employees talk about their work. This is the classic form of recruiting videos and looks particularly serious. Anyone who is brave, can also produce unconventional clips that convince interested parties through creativity.

Define the Target Group

It is particularly important for the success of a recruiting film to define the target group precisely. Think about who you want to address with the film. Shooting a movie for everyone at the same time is just impossible. Depending on age, qualifications and interests, potential applicants must be addressed differently. Do you want to use a video, for example, to attract new trainees to your company? Then the recruitment film should be illustrated in an entertaining way and tell them why they should apply for a job in your company. Young people who are just leaving school are looking for a challenge, fun and variety. Employees' statements about a family-friendly company policy and flexible working hours do not fit into the life stage of the younger generation and therefore cannot convince. If you are looking for qualified leaders then the language you use should be different. Trained professionals are usually in the midst of their life and want to know if working conditions will be better compared to their current job.

Find Meaningful Distribution Channels

In terms of distribution channels, the age and generation of potential applicants play an important role again. Skilled leaders or professionals have grown up in a time that has not yet been shaped by the Internet, smartphones and social media. In contrast, aspiring trainees are so-called "digital natives" who grew up with the Internet and networks like YouTube and Instagram. It is definitely worth investing money to increase the reach of the video. Facebook and YouTube make it easy for companies, because in these social networks, the target group can be determined relatively accurately. But even for trained professionals, social media have become indispensable in everyday life. That is why you should not leave out career networks like Xing or LinkedIn and distribute your video there, too.

Produce Recruitment Video by Yourself

Of course, it is possible to produce a recruitment video by yourself. But as a rule, the quality suffers, because a layman has neither the equipment nor the experience to optimally present their own company and to convince potential applicants. An unprofessionally produced film can not only ensure that the applicants are absent but also damage the image of the company. Therefore, we advise you to hire a professional company for a recruitment video, who has the necessary know-how, creativity and equipment.

Cost of a Recruitment Video Production

A flat rate for the production of a recruitment video cannot be set, because the price consists of several factors. Basically, our team creates the right concept for each production in close cooperation with the customer. After a detailed research, we develop several ideas, from which the script is created. If the spot is to become more complex, it is recommended to create a storyboard. If the concept stands, the costs are composed of technology, employees and working hours. The bigger the production, the bigger the film crew that is needed.

If you want to show your own employees in your recruiting film, you will save yourself the costs of professional actors. Depending on their quality and reputation, a very high daily rate can apply for professional actors. The same applies for the location of the shoot. The costs are lower when the shoot is done in your company. When shooting in other locations it will cost more, because they need to be rented.

So if you want a simple video with interviews of your employees in your own business, then the costs are lower. If, on the other hand, you want a lavish short film with a real story, the production will be more extensive and the costs will increase.

Our experienced employees of Picmention take over all the work that is necessary for a successful recruiting film, from conception to shooting to postproduction. Take a look at our references to get an insight into our previous projects. If you are looking for a creative and award-winning team that provides you with all-round support and films of the highest quality, we look forward to hearing from you via our contact form.

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