Sift through the footage, sort it out, rough editing, fine editing – in this order you cut a film. For our customers, we offer two ways of communication: You can send us the material whereupon the arrangements are made by telephone and internet. Or you can just come to our beautiful office in Leipzig and be there when the film is edited.

Color Grading

Colours can affect the emotions or the atmosphere of a movie. That is why professional colour grading is just as important as a good sound or a cup of coffee in the early morning. And that is why we have prepared a special room especially for colour grading. The room is painted quite dark an equipped with a very expensive monitor, so you can edit the colours perfectly.


Do you know the most famous film mistakes of cinema history (Titel: Famous film mistakes of cinema history – German article)? Many of them could have been fixed with good retouching. Retouching means: to remove any artefacts, blemishes or other negligence that accrued during the shoot. Unfortunately, you cannot always retouch everything from the picture, but we still have a very high success rate.


Special effects have long been a unique feature for big Hollywood studios. But as technology and software have become cheaper and cheaper, we now also have the opportunity to generate great movie effects in Leipzig. Thus, photos can suddenly appear like videos, broomsticks can become a lightsaber or you can simply build new light sources to make the picture particularly fancy.

Green Screen

It used to be the blue screen, today it is mostly the green screen. If you want to have alternative backgrounds, you cannot ignore this technique. The secret of a good green screen is not the bare green background. A lot of disciplines have to be well mastered, so that the viewer does not notice the trick. And even more important is a very good and detailed planning before the shoot begins. Contacting us before the production begins can therefore save you a lot of time and nerves.

Sound Design

A professional sound design is often underestimated. It is more than easy these days to buy music and sounds online and simply add it to the video for little money. The problem however is that such music does not carry the film, does not generate tension and does not interact with the motives. But a good sound does not necessarily mean that you have to rent a whole orchestra. For almost every wallet it is possible to find a suitable sound design, which makes your film into the great experience that it should be.

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