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High-Quality Animated Explainer Videos & Tutorials – Production & Costs

Nowadays many people are searching online for information. But they have no time to read through long texts. Only 20% of the customers read a whole text. Most of the online information is complicated and it is nearly impossible to imagine what content is actually explained. A study by Microsoft shows that the attention span has dropped rapidly in recent years. In 2000 the attention span was around 12 seconds. In 2013 is was only 8 seconds. It is believed that a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds. That means that many people all over the world are distracted a second faster than a goldfish. That is another reason why you should think about creating an explainer video.

Another study from VideoBoost found out that explainer videos already have been used by many companies. For example 90% of DAX companies, 68% of MDAX and 54% of SDAX used explainer videos in their corporate communications. It is estimated that in 2017 74% of all internet content will consist of explainer videos. That means that explainer videos will become more and more present in the coming months.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is created in order to make content brief and visually comprehensible. This is called infotainment or edutainment (education + entertainment). Complex topics, services of the company and especially products of the target group are communicated briefly and also in an entertaining way. Besides using the explainer videos online you can also use them for example for exhibitions. In this case the goal of an explainer video is to lure the visitors to your own stand and keep them entertained. For knowledge transfer, as in schools, explainer videos are also very popular.
The length of the explainer video can vary from 30 seconds up to 3 minutes. But it is important to keep in mind that every additional minute can lead to a decreased interest of the audience. In the worst case they do not even watch the explainer video completely. By limiting the explainer video to the main message it can be avoided to incorporate unimportant information. For details the customer is welcome to check out our website. In addition to such external videos, of course, internal explainer videos can be produced. These are normally used for purposes within the company. For example training, process optimisation, company philosophy or personnel management.

What Advantages or Scientific Effects has an Explainer Video?

Currently many purchase processes take place in the internet. Therefore it is advisable for a company to adapt its communication to the consumer. As the online video becomes more popular, the willingness to read a text decreases. This again has to do with the decreasing attention span. Another advantage of an explainer video on a website is that the user or customer can access it anytime and anywhere (with a working internet connection). Also, the cost-benefit factor should not be left unmentioned. Compared to the classic advertising material, such as magazine ads, billboard advertising and TV commercials, an explainer video is much more effective. Although the costs of an ad in the print media are almost the same, it is difficult to measure the success of this kind of advertising. Admittedly, the dispersion is immense, but another disadvantage is that you will never know who you have appealed with your ad. An explainer video can be used online in many different ways and the measurement of success is also much better. It should also be mentioned that an explainer video does not have to make any less professional or qualitative compromises compared to a TV commercial. TV commercials are also too expensive for most medium-sized companies. Already the circuit costs of established channels are worth millions. Of course, on television you can reach a very high rate of dispersion, but again, the success of the campaign is difficult to measure. For a much lower financial outlay, it is therefore more effective to cleverly place an explainer video on online platforms and gain the attention of a specific target group.
The advantage is that the conversion rate increases. The conversion determines how many visitors become buyers. With an explainer video it is extremely easy to expand the social media presence of a company. Very successful videos can spread online because they are shared thousands of times. It is highly recommended to publish the explainer video not only on the home page of the company website but also on YouTube. This way it is easier to link the video to others websites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Which Design Elements does an Explainer Video Combine?

A variety of design elements can be used in an explainer video. Depending on your imagination and wishes nearly everything is possible. In most videos, in addition to the context that is to be taught, we use graphics, music and professional speakers. The context is used to help the viewer or potential customer find a connection between the topic and his own life. An explainer video is customised exactly for the right target group. The language in an explainer video is usually simple and bold, so that the explainer video can be understood by anyone. Specific formulations as well as the avoidance of foreign words and nesting sentences are very helpful. Thus, the brain can absorb the information and process it quickly. It is also usual to use formulations which are known from colloquial language. An emotional story is important to help customers understand why this offer could have a positive impact on their lives. A specific story helps to connect the context with the real life. This is called storytelling. The target group is addressed cognitively and emotionally.

To address customers, the appearance – that means the graphics – are also an important element. Additional, it is important that the video is produced in Full HD and with good sound quality. Complex characters or simple icons are possible in the field of graphics. Key words or particularly important contexts are highlighted with colours, sounds and special animations. Of course, it depends on how the explainer video should look like in the end. Beside the graphics the voice of the speaker is one of the most important elements. The customer has to decide if he wants a male or a female speaker. Sound effects are also an important stylistic device to entertain the viewer.
Last but not least, music is also an important design tool, which decisively determines, depending on your choice, the strength of the emotion. However, it is important that the background music is not louder than the speaker and that it fits the context.

Is It Useful to Create an Explainer Video by Yourself?

It is generally possible to create an explainer video by yourself. In this case, a software must be downloaded. It is important that this software already includes pre-made animations. The next step is to decide between the different templates. But especially because of those templates it is not possible to create an individual video. There is always a risk that another entrepreneur, or even a competitor, will use the same graphics, animations and sounds. The creation of your own explainer video will also cost a lot of time and nerves. However, if it is supposed to be a professional explainer video it is recommended to hire a professional production company.

How much does it Cost to Create an Explainer Video?

If you want to create a video by yourself it normally costs around 100 Euro. If hiring a professional company it is possible to use templates, so called patterns. The price for an explainer video is lower than for a video because it does not take much time to work on it. In a video the company has to recreate all animations. However, if everything in the explainer video has to be new and adjusted to the company the costs can be from 999.00 Euros to sometimes 10.000,00 Euros. But how exactly is the price composed?
Normally you pay per hour. It begins with a two-hour meeting where ideas, wishes and possibilities are discussed. After this agreement, the target group is analysed and the script, as well as a first rough drawing is created. This can take around 8 hours. Then the text is written, which is done in close consultation with the customer. Until a final speaker text is available it usually takes another 6 to 8 hours. In the next step, the visual concept is created in the form of a storyboard. Again we work closely with the customer so that every piece of information is communicated precisely. After text and concept are ready, the graphics are drawn. The graphics are based strictly on the colour specifications of the customer or his corporate design. Depending on the style of the video, it takes up to 20 hours. Creating the animations takes most time. A professional company normally needs 20 to 30 working hours to finish a one-minute video. Further costs are added for sound, music and the speaker. The company should expect prizes around at least 400.00 Euros. Of course, prices can vary from production company to production company.

An explainer video is recommended for all companies who want to convey their content in an entertaining way for customers. But an explainer video can also be used for their own employees. In both cases it is recommended to hire a professional production company, as they are familiar with everything that belongs to a good explainer video.

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