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A corporate film is a special type of advertising film with which a company, an institution, an organisation, a product or a brand is to be portrayed. The goal is to increase the image and therefore the reputation or awareness. In addition, values ​​and the philosophy of the company should also be conveyed. On this account, this sub-group of the advertising film is a popular element for the marketing and PR area. An image video differs from a simple commercial. It allows a look behind the scenes and presents the company in a different way. Through an corporate film a company can establish a direct connection with the customer.

Our young and highly motivated team at Picmention is the perfect professional partner for you. We promise a competent support in the most diverse film projects.

Our Promises to You

With a corporate film, it is possible for you to create confidence, to convey knowledge and to entertain the audience at the same time. In order to achieve these goals a corporate film should therefore, if possible be based on an emotional story.

A Complete Support
Throughout the duration of our cooperation - from the first conversation through production to the completion of your individual project - we guarantee you a complete and professional support. Our top priority is to be your partner, not just a service provider.

Highest Quality
We have a comprehensive set of equipment from well-known manufacturers, with which we can implement high-quality projects. Of course we always offer you the best possible quality within the resources we have available.

Creativity & Experience
We are more than just a simple service provider. We are also creative artists. It is therefore important to us to gain experience alongside the business. In the past few years, three of our own productions have been awarded with more than 35 film awards in total. Including the "Certificate Highly Commended” (german: “Prädikat Besonders Wertvoll”).

We Offer You a Corporate Film with the Highest Standards
While producing your corporate film you can be sure that you will always benefit from extensive expertise, professional advice and particularly high commitment.

What is the Purpose of a Professional Corporate Film?

In general, a corporate film can be described as a combination of a conventional commercial and a documentary. Normally a corporate film should last between 90 and 180 seconds. Basic characteristics of a corporate film are the advertising intention on the one hand and the portrait of the company or brand on the other hand. Most relevant is the creation of a positive image. This can be achieved with all kinds of formal and technical means. Depending on the financing possibilities and the intention of our clients, corporate films can be designed cost-effectively (documentary) as well as elaborate and complex (scenic). Compared to a commercial with which a product is usually advertised, an image video rather focuses on the company behind it or the development process of a product. In order for the film to be positively remembered by the viewer, however, effective image-forming elements should also be used.

Corporate films are regularly played at exhibitions, on screens in waiting areas or internal for employee training. In addition, companies use them for external representation and send their corporate film to press representatives and other interested parties. In order to give the viewers an impression of the company, they are also used for corporate representation purposes. In online media, corporate films can be made accessible to a large audience.

What is a Corporate film?

A corporate film is a short portrait in cinematic form in which a person, a brand or a company is presented. The primary goal is to give viewers a behind-the-scenes insight so that they receive a positive and multifaceted impression from the advertiser.

The Conception
The creative conception is the basis of every corporate film. At Picmention we design several concepts and texts in order to help you to represent your company in the best way possible. As our customer, you are always welcome to influence the final concept with your own ideas and wishes.

The Organisation
The production of a high-quality corporate film is usually accompanied by a very high level of organisation. In order to keep track of things at all times, we create a detailed shooting schedule for you. We also organise speakers, extras or other requisites if needed.

Highest Quality
Not only a memorable content but also the highest standards are of enormous importance for the ideal production of a corporate film. Our in-house technology of reliable manufacturers allows us to always follow the usual quality guidelines in our productions and to deliver the highest image quality according to the latest standards.

The Speaker
Not to be dismissed is the importance of the voice over. The voice of the speaker is one of the most important characteristics of a corporate film. Only with the right voice an advertiser can represent his interests. That is why we offer a large selection of professional speakers. So you can choose the best voice for your image video.

Production & Costs of a Corporate Film

The conception phase is the basis of every corporate film. The conception begins with a comprehensive research. In general, it can be stated that the production costs for a professional corporate film always depend on the concept and the required effort of the project – flat rates cannot be defined. Out of one of the several collected ideas, finally the script is developed. Depending on the size and budget, a storyboard is also prepared, that means drawings of the individual camera image sections. Creating a shooting plan takes about one to three days. For props, rides, technology rentals and room rentals, additional costs may incur. If external actors or performers are deployed, the daily costs results from their quality and experience. If your corporate film requires special acting, you should hire professional actors. For famous actors or other celebrities high fees can apply.

Depending on the concept, studio costs may also be added. The costs will be lower if only a green screen is to be used or a regulated lighting situation has to be planned. If, however, a fully equipped studio with multi-camera directing is needed, the cost can increase considerably. Generally corporate films are realised within the company's own four walls. While shooting the size of the film crew is based on the size of the project. The larger the project the bigger is the film crew. Tasks such as the intro / outro design are designed by our trained graphic designers. Animations can have a positive effect on the quality of an image video. In order to adequately convey the content, a professional speaker is normally used. The right music is another important aspect. The cheapest solution is to use GEMA-free music, which is paid in the form of a license model. But you can also purchase music by the music publishers themselves. Another alternative is composing your own individual piece of music.


Our highly motivated and young team has already gained extensive experience in numerous different projects. We can assist you as a professional partner competently in the production of your unique and modern coporate film. We are also happy to assist you with the implementation of your commercials for TV and cinema, documentary films or tutorials. Our experience can be justified by various successfully completed projects: In addition to the television commercials of the online printing company Saxoprint, our productions also include the opening credits of the 18th and 19th season of the youth series "Schloss Einstein", which runs on the German channel KIKA.

If you are looking for a competent and experienced partner for your film or video production, you can send us an inquiry via our contact form. As soon as possible, we will contact you to discuss all the details of your project. We are looking forward to you contacting us!

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